Sanitation & Housing Fund

Clean water & sanitation are essential to a healthy life, dignity, and prosperity. 

Shine was recently gifted the funds to purchase land near the founder's personal home in Uganda where we have been holding our feeding outreach & Bible times. What a blessing it is to have a permanent & spacious place for our empowerment programs! Now we need help to fund the first phase of building on the land! We currently have a matching donation of up to $20,000! That means that (through April 30th) a donor will automatically DOUBLE your gift to Shine for this project! Would you link arms with us to raise the $20,000 needed for the sanitation and housing phase. The money given via the 'Donate Here' button below will go directly to bathrooms, sinks, the housing unit-including all the pipework, infrastructure, water tanks, and surrounding stonework. Whether you can give $10 or $1,000, we are so grateful for your gift and it will be an incredible blessing in Naminya Kiira Village!

Here is an overview of the major projects in this sanitation and housing phase:



Shine is incredibly grateful to say that the first sanitation and house project, a clean water well, has been completely funded by Marietta Grace church! Rather than relying on dirty water from the Nile River or having an unreliable hand pump well that they sometimes have to walk miles for, the village will now have a reliable electric pump well, that also has no risk of being contaminated! This type of well will also take less time and energy exerted for our neighbors--time they can spend at school, work, & with their families!



Around 400 children gather every Saturday morning for our feeding outreach and Bible time. Sanitation is so important to overall health & well-being. Currently we don't have bathrooms and all the children line up to wash hands from one spigot at our founder's property. We desire to have bathrooms and several extra sinks for sanitation. The building plans are approved for this phase and can start immediately after the funding comes in! 


small housing

We have 5 teenage boys currently in boarding school and, because they previously had no one caring for them, we have committed to them through university or trade school. When they are on break from school, they don't have a place to stay. We have plans to build small rooms with bunk beds & desks that they can have a place to come home to, rest at, and continue to be mentored by the Shine staff. The above plans show these rooms along with a small family unit that can be used for our onsite staff or a possible future intern. 

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