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A Village Empowerment Initiative

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We would love for you to partner with us as we seek to empower families in Naminya, Uganda!

Sponsorship is one way that you can make a huge impact. Your sponsorship will help provide food, education, medical care, and discipleship as we work closely with the Shine staff, local village leaders, and the families in our sponsorship program to develop an empowerment plan.  There are 3 different types of sponsorship to choose from: empowerment program, general, & medical.

Your monthly sponsorship to the empowerment program includes implementing an individualized plan of empowerment, which could include: continuing education, new vocational training, and business classes for the parents. The ladies will work through an individualized plan to find ways to best help them meet goals for their family. While they are in the empowerment program, all their children’s school fees and supplies will be paid. They gradually begin taking on those costs as they work toward self-sufficiency and make room for the next empowerment class of ladies. Your monthly gift will truly give hope to a whole family as they work toward self-sufficiency!

Your monthly sponsorship to the general fund allows Shine to run well from month to month. This fund allows us to employ Shine’s 11 amazing, full time, Ugandan employees, feed the approximately 800 of our neighbors who come to the community center hut every week, Bible studies for women, men, teens, & children, development/maintenance within Shine and the community (sanitation, clean water, spaces to gather, safe housing, lodging for teens in our program who don’t have families), self sustainability (land development, livestock, & agriculture), emergency hunger relief, & social work care, etc. Your monthly gift will shine light into a whole village alongside the Nile River!

Your monthly sponsorship to the medical fund allows Shine to come alongside the families in our programs and the most urgent needs of the neighbors in the village. This has included care for malaria testing & treatment, an emergency c-section, first aid care, burn care, surgeries for hernias and metal removed from a leg of a father within the village so he was healthy and could return to work. The reality is that while malaria testing and treatment is less then $5, that even that is too much for a family in our village who survives on less than $1/day. Your monthly gift will give life and light within the village of Naminya!

Click the DONATE button below to sign up for a one time or monthly sponsorship of any of our programs. You will receive more information on those whom you are impacting via our newsletter, that is exclusive to sponsorship partners. We believe in ethical storytelling and the more personal information about why a family needs sponsorship, any prayer requests for them, and their progress will be exclusive to our sponsorship partners who are an integral of our programs. 



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Our sponsorship program works closely with families and helps provide education, discipleship, & emergency food/medical relief  as the family works toward empowerment. Each Saturday morning we provide village outreach by way of Bible stories, games, fellowship, and a feeding outreach. We provide vocational training for teen boys while also teaching life skills (time management, budgeting, saving, professionalism) training and discipleship. Through marketplace and social enterprise we work to create and foster job creation.


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