Cup, Plate, & Chair for 1

Cup, Plate, & Chair for 1


With the completion of the worship hut and community center, it is now time to get it furnished! The two pastors in our village graciously loaned us chairs during our first few gatherings, but Shine will need our own so that the community center’s programs can go on, while those churches can also continue their own programs throughout the week.

With each $7 purchase, 1 chair, 1 plate, & 1 cup will be purchased to stock the Shine community center. You will be providing a welcoming, loving space for someone in our village to be loved. Whether it’s the weekly Bible studies, young men’s discipleship group, children’s outreach, community meetings, or women gathering to receive mama kits for their labor or reusable sanitary pads, these chairs will be used over and over to hold space for our sisters and brothers in Naminya, Uganda.

Thank you for loving them.

*Nothing will be shipped to you. The chair, plate, and cup will be purchased in Uganda and used there for the Shine community center. You will receive a printable file via email for gift giving. Thank you! 

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